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1st LightBulb


The first assignment had us connect the wires to the right places, only when the light bulb flashes when the switch is click would we know its working.
You must be sure that the wires are connected right and flow of energy is occurring, one loose wire could render the whole device useless. The LED converts the energy from the batteries into light. It can also be looked as a water meter, the more resistance the less brightness.
By changing the resistors from 10kOhms to 1kOhms the light bulb became brighter, then the 1kOhms to 100kOhms made the light bulb dim because the resistors grew higher and less eleteric en

2nd Assignment

Ohms Law:
Voltage               =current

3rd Assignment


4th Assignment


5th Assignment

Combined Circuit
As the eletricity flow towards the intersection, the resistor of the LED2 is high so most of the eletric energy will move towads LED1.
As the dial turns to to a high percentage the LED1 will get dimmer while LED2 gets brighter.

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6th-7th Assignment

Water Detector
No switch is needed since the unconnected wires will be going through the water to show that the war is conductive. Water has a resistance of about 100k ohms and will become less as salt is added in and dissolved.
Light Bulb
The ability to slowly lighten or darken a light source.
The capacitors are able to hold in electrical energy like a battery, as the switch turns on the capacitor fills up slowly and the LED light brightens slowly as well. When the capacitor is full the LED light is shining at its brightest. When the switch is turned off the electricity stops flowing and the capacitor sends out what it has in its storage towards the LED light so the light slowly darkens not just a flicker.

11th Assignment

The whole circuit is not connected, the only way to connect the current is to touch the 27 switch. When you do that the led light slowly lights up for 5 secs to its brightest. Taking it off dims the light it approximately 5secs till gone.

Assignment 13

The transistor is used as the switch, after clicking the switch it turns on and goes through the closed circuit then 1kohms LED, and transistors.

Assignment 17

When you press the switch the energy flow goes through the 100kOhms and charges the capacitor, then transistor, the LED will not turn on until the capacitor is has o.7 voltage

Assignment 19


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